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well. we all knew there is no bubblegum but there wasnt much ass to kick either...
game pretty much failed (in multiplayer aspects, that is)


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its time to kick ass and chew bubblegum! so the question arises:


greetings bowle


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good to hear, hows the rest of the family? is this funny black kitten u had still alive? ;-)
lg bowle


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and of course someone took a pic of me!


hope you are all well!

greetings bowle

hiya i remember your name from the old days but tbh im not around in any game that has current reincarnations of guilds that fizzle dings or blood and guts members in.

i think im the only one that got the hang of true sandboxing in eve online .)

so what are you up to?

i stick to eve online,
same concept (grown out game after years following initial vision) without exploits ;-)


death stars - cyanide


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Astartee wrote:

You delinab bowle...

so true sad

eternal blame on oz for makin me go from the best to the 2nd best!


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Mogi wrote:

You said Cimmerian, but it looks like a plastic golem, wtf


that looks like the cheapest inflatable sex doll ever...

gonna buy the game soonish and start on a english server i think.
im not too good with french dont know words beyond berdol and merde and german kids in chat is the worst thing one can expirience... and face it. this adult game IS played by kids a many for sure!


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Schet. wrote:

L I E S !

no its true smile

and they do rather well is last thing i heared...


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gratsoulle esculape smile
start smithing a chainmail every few month cos even dwarfs are known to outgrow them fast smile


atm learning to dance like them police guys
and my gf atm learning to move as sexy as them salseras


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achmed down! (archimonde)

kill all arabs!

Mogi wrote:

Wenn ich den erwische

der 1. char is immer noch der beste smile


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Thelvaen wrote:

hey bowle !! then come back to have fun with us !! smile

currently htinking about but needs wait a bit had some bad luck and atm no money for unneeded stuff like servermove and monthly fee.


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bowle 67 monk retired on torv but now fennin ro i think

vorstellung 80 priest on wildhammer horde (retired and ebayed)

eve online:

vorstellung  - no levels in eve  140+ mio sp minmatar+caldari trade and subcapitals (active)
h'jenn'ra't'rang - 140+ mio sp amarr carrier/logistics (active)

Mogi wrote:

The rogues you know must really suck then.

the only rogue that sucks (male body parts!) for a living is mogi wink

rogues pwn in pve
sinister 5 combos, slice and dice
sinister 5 combos, slice and dice
sinister 5 combos, slice and dice
interupt a heal
sinister 5 combos, slice and dice
sinister 5 combos, slice and dice
sinister 5 combos, slice and dice

grats no 1 on dmg meters

on topic.

in tbc progression we have tidewalker and lurker down, magtheridon/gruul/voidreaver = farm
next goals are karthess and alar, maybe hydross if our resist tanks show up together


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i just had a very bored moment at work and browsed some web...


the old torvboard lol

etc etc

and i dont know what was riding me i even thought "heck lets load up magelo and see if sony already delted da old monk" its still there at lvl 67, tho on a different server then i logged out years ago.
good memories came up and while browsing some of the gear in magelo i thought about the fun fun fun raids where i got them!

well things change but i sure miss sometimes the former fun, berdol!