hey all

i just wanna let u know that in PoFire (t4) are some bosses which are killable by us! u can find em from zone in till castle 2! they also got a short respawn time! PoFire isnt a guild only zone and its no flag required! the bosses i talk about can drop 300hp items! i ll post here a list after kass told me to do! but if u go there you shouldnt touch any other bosses i listed!

Doomfire Firecharmer
Doomfire Reaver
Doomfire Magus
Doomfire Vicar
Doomfire Warlord
Flame Overlord
Fiery Spirit Equine Overlord
General Druav Flamesinger (hardest of the list)
Jopal Chieftain
Jopal Crafter
Jopal Flame Protector
Jopal Seer
Obsidian Tree Spider Queen
Obsidian War Spider
Sorcerer of Fire
Wild Fiery Spirit Steed

happy hunting Bonker

i am from austria smile

hey there!

few days ago i met a member of your guild and found out that u doing oldschool progression and i need to say i love that style!
i got told to introduce myself a bit if i want to join Blood and Guts!
my name is stefan i am 29 years old and played eq1 live about 3 years- also played wow about 3 years (maybe a bit longer but i want to forget that game =P )
i am about 4 months on THF and multi boxing in a T7 guild!
the reason to be a part of your guild is i got sick of the multi donor users and token buyer!
if u have any questions about me feel free to tell me ingame!

Greetings Bonker