ok, bought, stll patching now 1.6gig o_O

Hey Gnafron, i have played and raided every class up to lvl 60 and mains up to 70, except shamy (lvl 40) smile
And no i would'nt join with a DK then, my regular main is mage and lock, and sometimes hunter. Dk is a fun twink anyway. But only frensh sux for me anyway smile so i think i skip that idea, or i join my german guild again. I dont know yet... sad
I am not in mod to invest 30 EUR again for a game that i gonna play only some minutes and log off cause i am bored again. So i need good arguments for myself to take this step.

I am playing now for long time EQ2 and i really like it, but i have read so much about the Death-Knight and Lich King, that some lost interests are growing again for WoW. Do you guys think it is worth to buy Lich-King and start a DeathKnight? Or is it just antoher crap class in WoW?
And do we have an english speaking guild here again or just frenshi?

So cool, i love it!

i CAN bot i am sure smile

But i am so happy with EQ2 WITHOUT bots! smile So i am not in mood to bot any kind of game atm!

totally overrated that game ...


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ahhh, funcom need some months to fix all the buggy crap ingame, so i give them the time they need. btw shet, i am playing now eq2 smile
For all backcommers, you get 2 month free playtime and all expansions of eq2 without paying after that periode if you get an abo again. great nice efforts for a really nice game. makes a lot of fun again!


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bah french only... damn nazis smile


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well, as you already noticed, i am looking for a game that fills my interests like EQ in the old days, but it is very hard to find something. And don't tell me you not doing the same hihihi smile
Well AoC is cool, better then the crap i played the last months. If someone is interested i can give away a guest account to play 7 days for free.


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I am playing AoC also, and i love it. I am pretty sure Asta would sleep with his char if he could. Flying heads, arms and legs are daily business. WOAHAHAHAA !!!!! It is an amazing game, ok still fighting with some minor bugs, but we can live with it. It is a fresh new feeling to explore the world and discover some fresh new classes. Omg and it is so much nicer then wow!
Keoq is also with me, we both playing on Mitral-Server. Hope to see some of you guys soon. If you guys decide to play the game too, let us know and we setup a guild on an EU english server. What do you think? The name Blood'n Guts will be discovered in a complete new way in that game tongue



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GRATZZ!! smile)


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woaaaa you missed the point smile
you just played the beginning instance and maybe some random quests. Maybe you took the wrong class? The nice thing is the quest lines of the epic stuff (book quests) You get great XP while doing the stuff and getting nice rewards, they also improved the lvl 10-20 quests with book 12. Sure you have std. quest shit like "bring 10 of these or kill 15 of this", but they also have great quest lines with nice storylines etc...
If you are bored some day and you really have nothing usefull to do, try it again. smile

maybe you will think different about it now after all the great updates.


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There is no game at the moment that can mess with Lord of the Rings Online!
Keoq and me exploring the game since 4 weeks now, and we only can recomend it for people who like a real complex, nice and not infected kiddy-shit game. Since all the big upgrades and yesterday with book 12 it simply kicks ass. Great and mass assful content and very very nice look. Very complex if you want to have it complex, or casual if you want to, depends on your motivation to play.

So try it out with 7 days trial an see if i am right or not:


Captcha is your best friend!

Eh, i swear, i smell that Asta already got an abo on this viagra stuff!

something strange is going on at soe, i logget onto my ritmanx and i was able to play?! ok, maybe for returner they have a 10 days free thingy? but i also logged into my beastlord around a year ago, and i thought these free days were already used with this... hmmmm maybe soe is so happy about my returning plans, that i get a liftime abo as a gift from them smile

ahhhh, what is the chat channel again for non guilded jerks like me?

smile we need lvl 80, right wink

ok, thats defnitly an option, at least i wanted to start something like a necromancer anyway!! smile so i guess, it is also a good advise to begin from scratch, because i really lost everything about eq smile

...but i am not sure yet, because i want to play a game and not buy a new car jesus!
I need to buy 4 expensions around 70 EUR and a char transfer to AB $50 o_O. Please guys motivate me somehow to do this smile "Because i want to be part of the moment", a wise robot said some day!

Seriously, is it worse to return? I dont wanna ay so much for shit. Or can i buy one expension by another, which i buy first?
I heard reflaggin and flagging itself is sick like shit, have i a chance to get up with you guys?



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did i already mentioned it, that you guys are totally crazy smile?


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Muahahaha, epic checklist, how cute is this smile


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I actually got Beta access to this game, www.rgtr.com and guys it is pretty fun, ok for sure, nothing spectacular new, but much much fun. It plays like a mixture from Quake/WoW and SWG. 3 games in one, for one price weheeee! wink
Richard Garriott made a good thing with it. I hope you guys will join me in 2 weeks, when it goes live! Lets see what's going on then with the raid content. But mainly i feel a little like an explorer, i am sick of all that grindings, i want to have fun mainly.


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i will buy QWars for sure... smile Some one needs to hold flag for Quake and Quake 2 smile) QWars, plays a little like Quake2, i like it.
TF2 gonna kick ass with a little luck


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me croire-lui -moi prenez sur cela pourquoi joue pauvre à nouveau lui tous eq?


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33.72781% - Total Geek --- o_O