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Played with some RL firends yesterday in my appartment.Won 60 Euro !!!

Rarely I play on partypoker.net (but not for real cash) but its way better to play face to face imho.

ritlock wrote:

Sell your Vanguard account and find a new game...

Why would I do that? 8). I still have fun (more fun than I had in some of the other games) 8).

There will be raids in forseeable future. BaG wont be able to raid alone with what is left as active players.

Please think about what option would be of interest to you:

1.) We close BaG and join a raiding guild.
2.) We leave BaG up and everyone looks if he can join a Raid group on his own.
(might have disadvantages here in terms of who will get a spot - since the other guild decides if they let you or their own people in).

Let me have your ideas.


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Sad to see you go but i can understand it fully. Have fun in EQ2 and I hope they get the game back on the road within the next 6 months.

Server mergers where already announced yesterday and im pretty sure Infineum is one servers that will be merged. We usually have like 100 people online at peak times or max 200. However lets see where it leads. Big changes like raid content wont be in for at least 6 months im pretty sure. At that time we might see a bigger influx of people again in VG 8). Ill stick arround and relax as long as there is fun in VG for me (trying out some other classes and stuff).


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Nice Walkthrough. Ty Knuck 8).

Who needs the quest/rewards?

I cant promise a Date yet since i am working Ceros isle first while a Group is there BUT...we definately can do a second rund on Shrine of the Wind if enought people want.


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have a good trip Ilma and come back soon!


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By the end of the week we want to appoint some new officers. We look for volunteers that feel they can contribute to the guild as officers.

You can post here or ask Graf and me ingame if you want to apply. Total of 3 new officers would be my idea.

So far on the list of volunteers :



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Many factors to be considdered. Where do we want to go as guild?

Well i dont even know where to start with all my thoughts about that 8P. Maybee let me explain first why I think soo many things should be considdered. I was Officer and partially leader/raid leader in quite a few games over the last 10 years. Alone 4 years in NoF in Everquest.

When you have to work in those positions there is certainly a different point of view on the things. One time i think Kilogramm stated on the EQ Boards that the game BoW plays is quite a different EQ most of the other players/guilds play. During PoP when NoF was at times "only" 6-7 months behind BoW and 6-7 months ahead of Guild number 5 to 20 on Torvonilus I started realizing what they where talking about. Sucessfull raiding means a lot of work and contribution. You need to have a Leader/Raidleader not only knowing his class but having huge communication skills, spending a lot of time researching, knowing other classes and their abilities very well, playing every day, having the strenght to say No, having the personality to motivate people to stay up at 0.30 for 1 hour to retry a raidboss while half of them have to get up at 4 or 6.

As a example I got the first Staff of Rampant Growth on my WoW server (Server first) at 1.30 in the night had to get up at 6. We just walked by the Top Guild of our server which was rebuffing and waiting 15 mins to loose the mark. We didnt talk. The raid leader gave orders and everyone followed. So we charged and knocked Lethon down. Took the look and off we went. Best thing about it where the people from the Top guild complaining to our raidleader (no flames tho) that they hated us knocking him down so easy while they whiped!!

Does already somone feel I am talking about him? Please speak up!

Now some of you will like what I wrote and some might feel that this is not the game they like to play. Thats perfectly fine with me I am also more relaxed in terms of raiding nowadays but one fact remains. The leader and raid leader of BaG should be a power persone. Someone that can push us higher! As a example for our Pantheon group. I think we sucked hard and slacked a lot (me too me too im no exeption). Not because we whiped. Because we did not enough retrails. We gave up after 3 deaths where we should have give up  after 8 or 9 each evening.

Do you understand somewhat what type of persone(s) I would like to see as our leader?

So now speaking about me as part of the leaderteam. Do I qualify for that job? I think I am not. Maybee in some areas I am good but you have to fulfill all above points to be a good leader for a Raiding guild.


There are many options tho. We can be a non raiding guild or a casual raiding guild if all in guild want that. We can also try to get in a raid alliance. Another option we just join a raiding guild. Every option has Pros and Cons. Judge yourself. BUt keep in mind just voting for a new leader quick to have it resolved wont help you and wont help the guild in the long run. First of all we should define ourself and what we want to do in VG.

There is a big flaw in my arguments above. For the next 3-6 months there wont be any raiding in VG. However lets see once you drool about a uber equipment part from a raid zone and you wont be able to obtain it for another 3 months beacuse right now we made the wrong decissions.

What is my vote for the leader? It will depend on what is your vote about the way BaG should go in future.

1.) If you want a raid guild doing 4 raids a week on maybee contested spawns my vot would be we all join a very good and active guild (have to reasearch which guilds are like that). I certainly can not push us there. Way to many buisness trips ahead to do this job right.

2.) If you want to do a raid every 2 weeks and you dont bother beeing less equipped than 50% of the server then we can go ahead with Graf and Me as leader ill help and try to orginze small raids now and then.

3.) If we want to become a non raiding guild there are many good people in the guild with a huge craft experiance where we could focus on money and building houses ships and so on. So for this model of guild it could be most likely any player of the regular players as leader and or a leading council 8). 

You tell me which way you want to go then I can tell you who would fit as leader imho.


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Title says it. Starting tomorrow.

If they dont keep me as hostage 8O then i should be back next weekend.


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Here is the link to the Devs reply on my initial question. Starts at page 3. Keep in mind at page 1-2 they talk about the old encounter before the patch.

Pantheon read me from page 3 bottom


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on The-Righteous-Gavel

On a good note we got the trials down now (means we know in most cases what to do and how to workarround bugged trials).

The Final Event with the Sisters was upgraded quite some time. We could not finishe it with 5 of us althou we where close 1 Sister at 3% and one Sister at 17% or so.


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Should be back on Saturday evening. Dang cant wait 8P. Do we have a T5 ship by now?


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I soo want to join you guys in VG 8P...still more than one week away cryyyyyy.

Hope all are well 8)


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I cant recall who ...but a wise mand once said... WOW is the McDonalds of the MMOPRGs. VG is a 4 star Restaurant compared to that (5 Star once the childhood bugs are whiped out).

I like McDonalds...but if you as me what I like more....

Since im away 2 weeks and CIS most likely will be finished by that time for all in range, I can aswell post a some shineys.

Just a suggestion…..how you like …



numbers bugged it seems


Drool 2


There is a staff too but was to lazy to findit.

All coming from the Pantheon of the Ages.

Looki Looki HERE

Cloak is obtainable....unfortunately I could not find anything yet how the weaps are obtained but since the weapon description somewehat tells you who can wear it and what he had to do….

So now Ill never get those weapons and when I come back you all will have them and wont go with me there since you all are lvl 40 /whine. I knew I shouldn’t have posted them 8P


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Title says it all. Off  to Dhaka and India 2 and a half week 8=O

I will try to log in today but will be a bit late 8). Should be back around 08.04.2007 for one and a half week /cry.

Have fun all and find some spoilers for the Quest : The Gif of the Prince please!!!

T6 Trees


T6 Ore

Will check the stones today.


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Zila wrote:

edit: last note, in the same way grping is not mandatory and depending on everyone mood and priority, harvesting/tradeskilling is the same. To all tradeskiller who are giving a lot, dont be upset if not everyone follow/answer you. Most people will have their share of guild utilities.
As some of you already know, i can slaugther grey mobs 12 hours straight to help someone on a quest, while asking me to harvest or tradeskill is an extrem effort. (even if i m thinking to start mining for some special reason /cough )

Hope my post was not understood in a way that all have to go harvest now. It was not meant that way.
If you are not a harvester thats perfect 8). Just keep your eyes open even (or rather... especially) a adventurer will stumble over "rare resources"...../gu hey here in this dungeon is a Aincent Tree Node. This already will help a lot.

Thank you in advance guys.


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I dont want to go to deep into the BaG Fleet programm yet, guess Graf will post regarding this, however we will more and more be in shortage of rare resources for various crafting projects.

Therfore a joint effort of the guild would be great and helpfull. Now what does "joint effort" mean. Basically 2 things.

1.) Keep your eyes open. If you see a rare resources when traveling post in the guildchat I found %to. There is a godo chance that our harvesters are not in a Dungeon and free to come 5 minutes and harvest this rare with you in a group which will give much more outcome of that rare resource (and afterwards they recall right back and continue with their buisness).

2.) Get your own harvest skills up so you are able to join on any type of material.

So far the best harvest guide I found was this HARVESTING


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Dont get me wrong....i dont want to enforce it 8). The game should be fun. It can be helpful tho 8). I am not sure if I will understand everything by myself but ...who cares. Ideally we just try it out once the raids start in some months 8PP... All try to listen if you dont understand it/and or cant talk/no micro then you just write your comments/questions the old style 8) in chat.

First and formost Vanguard should be fun to us. If we cant beat BOW or FoH to the serverfirsts /giggle np for me 8). Ill be off the game 25% of the year anyhow 8).


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well...i had my bad experiances with TS too headache from 1000 voices. So im not asking to have one up every day. However incase there is real hard raiding content then TS surely will help us...Raid leader, MT and Puller have voice (and or the Looter too if Raidleader/Lootmaster are 2 persones) all others are moderated and better listen to the commands 8).

Its just more effective and fast then translating, typing, reading translating...answering.


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something really usefull in second Generation raiding 8).

Do we have a server up and running or can someboddy host one?


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Not thread related but Mega please pass my regards to Resia (Madeline)! Hope she is well 8). An of course to the other BoW noobs. ..

Think some oldBoWs hang arround there? Kilogramm in Vanguard yet or Thogg?


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Everquest 1
Torvonilus - Judgemax (Warrior 70 - NoF)

Everquest 2
Permafrost -Uiuiui (Inquisitor - Nof) deleted