Hi everyone , glad to see so many familiar names , I smashed my cpu 6 months ago but I'm gonna buy a new one as soon as possible , hope that some of you guys will get into age of conan or spore. Sorry I can't play vanguard ( no cpu lol).


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Everquest 1

Bonespitter Calinours - 65 warrior (retired)

Everquest 2

Bonespitter - 37 Troll Ranger (retired)

Dark Age of Camelot

Bonespitter - 49 scout (retired)

City of Villains

E-7018 - 32 Electric Brute (retired)

Age of Conan

Waiting on the release , to many classes to know what do do yet.


SwarmDie - Sniper Master Sergant in Takaria Nation (getting beaten in the neroimus war)