Blood and Guts (and friends)

Le forum de la guilde BaG du Marécage de Zangar et aussi (and as well) un endroit pour les vieux potes d'EQ (a place for our old EQ friends)

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Registration on this forum is temporary disabled. If you have a real reason to want to register here, then I'm sure you know someone that can help or ask me (Yleia) to help.
You can also join the Blood and Guts and Fizzle Ding LD group on facebook here

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- Psyco - New member 06-08-2009
2Bizweelia New member 07-07-2008
abii Member 25-12-2008
Acteon New member 11-10-2008
administrateur Administrator 06-02-2007
aeseldir New member 10-11-2010
Afroja Ahmed Banned 02-02-2012
aihtak Member 18-01-2009
Alekk Member 21-02-2007
Alexis New member 16-05-2009
alexkidd Member 06-09-2007
Alharis Member 19-03-2007
alinabal New member 20-10-2007
Alinha Member 22-02-2007
Anarchy New member 24-02-2007
andyray Banned 30-09-2009
Angelfighter New member 17-10-2007
angelstars New member 11-08-2009
Antalya New member 14-05-2009
Ark Member 17-09-2008
arkabios New member 10-12-2009
aroidan Member 21-05-2007
Artengos New member 22-02-2009
Asc New member 05-01-2010
Ashmor Member 14-01-2009
Astartee pr0nstar 10-02-2007
Attalys New member 24-02-2007
Augustin New member 18-03-2011
Aurorya New member 24-02-2007
aznrei New member 16-06-2008
Azrelia New member 13-02-2009
babyrock Member 20-12-2008
banned2 New member 10-03-2008
banned3 Banned 13-02-2008
Baranor New member 22-02-2007
bedane New member 28-03-2011
Beggerboy New member 21-02-2007
belabor New member 04-03-2011
bibichnan New member 16-09-2009
Blacksthegrumpywarlock New member 27-02-2007
Blarry Member 26-05-2009
blouh New member 04-02-2009
Blödmann New member 30-01-2009
Bok Member 02-07-2008
Bonespitter New member 24-02-2007
Bonker New member 12-07-2011
boons New member 01-11-2007
bowle Member 23-10-2007
Brossard New member 24-01-2011
btz94 New member 13-05-2011

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