1 Sticky: the Blood and Guts Who's Who !

by Yleia

2 Sticky: BaG Crafters List

by Moneta

5 Sticky: Usefull links

by Yleia

6 Sticky: Read before applying !

by Yleia

7 Sticky: Usefull links

by Yleia

8 Join

by Chaton

10 cant play

by Graf

12 gone too

by Seibas

13 away

by Sarina

15 Impatience...

by Meta

16 Lack of activity...

by Meta

17 Graystone lvl 40+

by Meta

19 Absence

by Fullgaz

21 Ceros Isle

by Meta

22 Still in Rome

by Moneta

23 Vanguard sold to SoE

by ritlock

27 Holidays at last

by UruIlma

28 Raiding on test

by Ikeda

29 New Officers

by Judgemax