62 Ola amigos!

by Twigely

63 Less playtime

by Moneta

64 Teamspeak/Ventrilo

by Judgemax

65 Bag Diplo list

by Fullgaz

67 Harvesting

by Judgemax

68 tonite

by Fullgaz

69 Noress Foru likes to join BnG

by Noress Foru

71 Application

by Qatar

73 loot macro

by Seibas

75 is their...

by Kass

78 Vanguard

by ritlock

79 diplo

by Fullgaz

83 diplo rewards

by Fullgaz

84 I have a proposal

by Verda

85 Civic diplomacy buffs

by Sharrow

89 about vg raid

by Zail

90 ninja registration

by Solstyss