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Topic: Noress, grats on nice rank

Though ranking no. 20 on most wealthy on the server list, sounds most likely like you bought some plat.
I know stuff like this could be peoples own business, but I would like you to know, I really really resent
plat/ gold buyers. I really would not think my guildies would go that low.
Hope you have a nice excuse, though I doubt it.


To illustrate how far out no 20 is, I am highest Leatherworker, I made all my hard earned money on grinding
my ass off, and I rank in the 80's on that list. Selissa and Kerrenorr in the 40's. Not that the ranking matters,
more the principle. Shame on cheaters!

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Re: Noress, grats on nice rank

I m petty sure this post isnt ment mean but i dont have anything i should have an excuse for - ask sigil / Soe about how bugged this lists r - as im no. 16000 in deplomacy with i really doubt cuz im envoy and not many ppl i ve seen with this rank in game 8) . i can tell lots more of this "bugs" when ya look at a lvl 8 with most items discovered or lvl 24 with most Npc - kills .

Tbh i dont think these lists r made for our information - more that ppl dont recognize only a few ppl play vanguard still - i. E im pretty sure we never had 16000 char on this server ever . Evedence for that is we never had more than 2k ppl (average about 500-1k) in beta 3 on the only beta-server at this time and i never had big problems finding a group (sometimes even camp -arguements) till round lvl 30-32 when ppl started their alts and no more content in at this time . Guess why they only show pupulation (low-medium-etc.) and not the exact number as they used to do in beta 3 (they even started with that at the end of beta 3 cuz the game was so bugged at 1 point pupulation went down dramticly and they changed it to (low....) !!!

1 more thing -  Im not going to tell ya how many gold i have right now cuz i think something should be my own privacy - another reason why i dont like these list for single players  - i think if not bugged its a nice thing to compare guild progress !

Last thing Moneta - when i be so rich - why i grind harvest skill (skinning 400) to send ya better hides when i simply could buy them to help my guildy grind some Plat 8)

I hope ya dont get mad on me for what i posted here cuz i think we shouldnt be victims of a stupid bug on that list but i think i must have been a bid ironic according to the title of this threat 8)

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Re: Noress, grats on nice rank

To avoid further irritation i ve done something i done with my 1st Character on sildreth and thought i did it with Noress too . I put him to anonymos in all leaderboards . As i mentioned b4 this lists r quite buggy and i really dont want ppl to c i m no. 1 on the "most Deaths" - leaderboard cuz im a Noob !!!

Moneta plz contact me in game when ya come back from your vacation . I can understand ya frustration for doing hard and good work as a crafter (hope i can help with some t5 hides once i can kill lvl 40ish mobs more easy ) but i think ya should have talked to me b4 bringing this to public maybe . Trust me - Im not such a bad guy and hope we can solve this matter in tells - thats all i can offer besides to continue the good work and friendly chat with you as guildmates !!!

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Re: Noress, grats on nice rank

<--- posting from Rome

Sorry Noress, I probably jumped to conclusions too fast there.
Was on my way to bed before going to Rome and just posted sad

Re: Noress, grats on nice rank

Np mate smile

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