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Hi all,

Exilya and I (Knuckles) have begun this quest line in Cragwind Ridge. It looks like a bit of a bugger, but it need only be really hard work for us two - as we've already started the necessary grind (and only 1 person needs to collect the items - I'll explain).

The quest is given by the little Cyclops Zarglax in the camp full of npc's in south east Cragwind, after you've done a couple of easy solo pre-quests.

Firstly, you'll need a dropped book. We found it on the 3 dot snakes just outside the camp. It seems to be a common drop. Right click that and it'll give you a quest which involves simply handing it to an NPC in the camp. This guy then gives you a quest called 'Big Dumb Brutes'. This quest is timed, so absorb this information before you do it:

This is the famous griffon quest. Yes, you get to ride a real griffon. When you accept the quest, a griffon mount will appear in your inventory. You need to right click this to move it to your flying mount slot. Then, when you run outside of the camp, down the ramp and onto the plateau, you can click this griffon to summon it. You have 5 waypoints to get to, with 90 seconds for each waypoint. The first one is high above the camp full of npc's., so you have to start by flying straight up. Anyway, after a few attempts you'll learn the route and it'll be easy.

Notes.... Space bar helps raise the griffon in the air. Also, take opportunities to touch the griffon down on a solid surface every now and then or it'll get really tired and fly slower. I think anyway..

When you get the 5th waypoint it tells you the quest is complete. Note: you still have 90 seconds to get back to the NPC or you fail the quest.... even though it's complete. So... unlike us... don't take the time for screenshots and loop-the-loops, swooping down on people etc lol.

Once you've completed this, the quest ncp sends you to Zarglax (just behind him) who gives you another one to go up to the top of the camp and recover the codex of the wind. This drops from the 2 dot trash up top but it is a little rare - and the respawns aren't fast. So this step is boring... potentially.

When you've completed this quest you get the quest 'Shrine of the Wind' - which is what we're on. This quest is marked as 'Elite' oO.

From what we gather, to do this we need 5 dull mistral shards. To get these we need 100 mistral shards per dull shard (rare drop from cyclops in Cragwind). These are not tradeable so ideally 1 person needs to get the full 500 shards - which is what myself and Exi are in the process of doing. It's dull... pardon the pun ;-)

Once we have the 5 dull shards we're going to need help. This should be 4 people who are on the same step (no shards required). We will need a big gnarly tank and maybe a second healer. Apart from that, this doesn't look very difficult.

There are 5 lesser shrines. At each one we place a dull shard in the shrine and an event is triggered. It looks like just stuff to kill. May be quite a few, but nothing too tough. There are also named that spawn at the shrines which can give v v nice loot - you should see the heroic legs I got from us duo'ing a 5 dot... thing.. half dragon, demon, gargoyle thing. Anyway, after completing each shrine, we get a an energised mistral shard. We need 5 of these for the final ritual.

After the first 3 rituals and getting the first 3 shards we get the first reward. It's crappy, but v v important. This is an item of rare quality which relates to the final reward you want. You'll see.....

After the 5th ritual we get the second reward - heroic... the second piece of what is going to be your final reward. Some may choose to keep this instead of the legendary - but I doubt it.

There's a small quest to do finally upon returning to Zarglax for which he gives you the legendary reward.... And if you thought CIS stuff was nice... looky looky!

Legendary Rewards:

Disc/Monk: … ral-storm/

62DR longsword!!!! > … ral-storm/

Shield! … ral-storm/

Mage thing: … ral-storm/

Parrying Dagger: … ral-storm/

Heroic rewards: … -the-wind/

Rare rewards: … r-shrines/

Anyway.. you can see the ingredients for each on that website and you may get a better gist of the quest line. We will be grinding a long time for these 500 shards - and 500 will only get 6 people through. So if we have more than 1 group wanting this we will need more people out here grinding.


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Re: Shrine of the Wind. Quest line for lvl 40 legendary weapon/shield

100 out of 500 farmed
Honestly would be a shame to have to get out of guild ppls...
Still need a tonk, another healer and 2 random


Re: Shrine of the Wind. Quest line for lvl 40 legendary weapon/shield

Atm have Ceranor, Knuckles and Exilya
3 spots left for tonk, another healer and random. We plan on finishing the quest either friday or sunday. Please post here if you want in. If no reply soon we will have to get someone out of the guild. Which is kinda sad

Re: Shrine of the Wind. Quest line for lvl 40 legendary weapon/shield

Should be able to help from Thursday to Sunday I think, having a little week end incoming tongue

(but I hate cragwind, I cant solo too much the king trucmuche)

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Re: Shrine of the Wind. Quest line for lvl 40 legendary weapon/shield

Can help on the little previous steps np yes.
So we have Fuen, Ceranor, Knuckles and exilya atm. 2 spots open for a tank and second healer

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Re: Shrine of the Wind. Quest line for lvl 40 legendary weapon/shield

Updated.. group will be knuckles, exi, ceranor, fuen, coudboul and invino (to confirm).

Edit just to say.... others should do this. These are among the best discovered weapons in the game.

Re: Shrine of the Wind. Quest line for lvl 40 legendary weapon/shield

Well.... 5 or 6 days of hard work has come to an end.

Grats to exilya, coudboul, fuen, ceranor and myself. Very nice rewards.... V V NICE rewards.. yum.

If anyone plans on doing this and wants info, just shoot me a tell and I'll give you everything I know.