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Ok, after SoE eats Sigil and Vanguard now goes totally to ass, whats the next game we meet?

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Nobody buys a product to run it into the ground. And I don't see other SoE projects 'going totally to ass'. Have faith, this is good news.

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This is funny: Did the affair between April Jones and Jeff Butler actually affect anything in development?

Brad McQuaid: I'm not going to comment on their personal life. Not their personal life, the office life due to it.

Brad McQuaid: Uhm, I have a lot of respect for them. In general, I mean, you work together so much and so many hours in game development and it's creative and people have common interests. This guy watches BSG, this guy collects comic books. You make lots of friends. Relationships form that are more serious than friendships. The only way to stop that would be to basically fire people on the spot and draw some line in the sand. I don't even know how to define that, the legalities. Or do what most companies do and forbid relationships. But we're in games, I don't want to work in a dry environment. I want to goof off and have friends. Obviously something like... a scenario like that isn't good for the company. Is there an easy solution... how to not let that occur. I'll be honest, you touched on my next question. I heard that, well, apparently it was an open secret. That's fine. Whatever. It happens in every office. But the real problem was, well, seemed to have been that - Jeff's wife still worked there. How do you... you know, never mind, it needs to come from them.

Brad McQuaid: It made it worse, that's all I'll say.

This is hilarious. The stories, rumors, gossips and flame wars surrounding MMOs are still more fun than the games themselves.