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I thought it would be worth an explanation as to why Exi, Judge and I have been in Ceros Isle for the last 3 or 4 days non stop and why we haven't been putting a full guild group together like we did for the shrines.

Well, to be honest, this is just a grind for most classes (disciple included), it's of no use or interest. It's like an island made entirely for bards. The end reward, after 20k faction grind an a quest to kill some very rare (and bugged) named mobs, is a mask with a 1.40 voice mod - which is so uber for a bard it's beyond explanation. Obviously, it's of no use to anyone else - and the rewards for other classes, whilst also a heroic quality mask, are a bit crappy tbh. So we haven't tried to trick anyone into helping us grind 20k faction with the promise of something decent at the end!

Also, all the interim quests at different levels of faction also give instruments and bard gear as rewards. Bizarre place. The creepy thing - thinking about Exi and my duo (bard-disciple) is that the quest rewards which are not bard items or musical instruments are in fact handwraps and martial weapons... Methinks bard-disciple duo was exactly what they intended for this place.

The only problem is 3-4 days of grinding 4 dot lvl 40 turtles, crabs, cockatrice, 5 dot ass-beating rhinos from hell and their even bigger, even meaner, even more angry and aggressive named friends, has left us rather higher level than when we started... So we need everyone to catch up plz :-P

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Lies, I know you just want to ignore us simple folk now that you are officers!! wink

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Last night we finished Ceros Isle - it was not joyous... Well, there was a feeling that must be similar to being released from being in prison for 5 days, but apart from that, this really was not the most fun quest in the world.

The final quest involved killing 2 named (43 5 dot) mosquitos... Which are bugged (pardon the pun), so they don't attack, rather they just path around erratically, often into groups of other mobs, then at 1% health they heal to full, so killing them was tricky - had to do it a la Cheroon in MMIS - slowly knock the mob's health down to 10% then burnnn!!

Then we had to kill 50 1 dot mobs - this actually proved to be the trickiest bit of the whole experience.

Well it's over now. Thank god!