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Topic: Graystone lvl 40+

Thought I should give some info on this... Another wonderful grind.

Graystone looks bloody scary from the outside, it's not that bad.

Once you get past the terrifying guards (2 and 3 dot trash), and maybe gank the named tower guards (4 dot lvl 40 iirc), you get into the main dungeon. You will find stairs, go down them and you will come to an atrium with two quest npc's.

The npc to the left of the door gives the main quest. This quest involves 4 subquests for npc's deeper inside the dungeon. The npc to the right gives the writ quests which involve collecting bloody insignias (random drop from trash and guaranteed drop from named). The writs are used to summon named mobs for the final quest and heroic reward. For now you just need the main quest.

To the right, there are stairs going down, at the bottom you will find a room full of mobs and a quest npc. Hack your way past the mobs and get the quest.

This is the first subquest. It involves killing ghouls. They are, predictably, through the doorway containing some ghouls. You're going to need to kill a sh*tload of them. Really, masses and masses of them. Bring your best ghoul clobbering gear and your ghoul-blood lust. You hate the ghouls, they deserve to die, KILL THEM ALLLL!!!!!!!!

Well, I won't go into full details, you need 3 types of ghouls, which are found in various areas of the ghoul area of the dungeon. This will take time. Good thing you hate ghouls so much and really enjoy killing them.

Once you've satisfied your ghoul-blood lust, go back to the NPC and hand in. Then move on to the next area (go through the door that doesn't contain a ghoul). There's more mobs to hack up, then you get to the next npc. Well, unsuprisingly, there's 4 rooms, with 4 npc's and 4 areas leading off in which to satisfy the quest npc's requests. There's one for killing banshees and valkyries, one for some type of skeleton and named skeleton officers, and the fourth area is down some steps just before the third area... It involves killing 60 lvl 43 skeletons.. Easy..

So once that's all done and you've handed in to the 4 quest npc's, you go back up top to the first quest npc and hand in the main quest. He then gives you the quest to kill about 10 named npc's. These are summoned using the writs from the other npc. As you can see from these quests, for each writ you need x number of bloody insignias.. Look in your inventory... Oooh! There's a few in here you collected whilst rampaging around doing the 4 subquests!! Ok, go kill more sh*t until you have 180 (might be 185)of the "£$"%! things. Then you can get all the writs, go to the summoning room (you probably found it whilst running around killing stuff), summon the named mobs one by one and kill the b*stards.

Then go get your big fat heroic weapon.

Exi and I are on the grinding bit... It's fun, honest.

To avoid too much boredom, I'd advise starting this at about lvl 40.

One good thing about this dungeon is the sheer number of named mobs. They drop at least 1 bloody insignia each (usually 2), and can drop some really nice stuff.

My advise is to have one person in a regular group be the main insignia looter... Someone who won't duck out of responsibility. Oh, and insignias are tradeable. Yay. Makes it less painful than the shrines.

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Nice Walkthrough. Ty Knuck 8).

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interesting stuff, but but, why so much hate against ghoul ???

(btw you can enter in dungeon using a bad tricks and avoiding the bridge cleaning)

Up to clean the dungeon (and a little more) when a group go ... harvasting is paininass and boring tongue


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