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We do have active people in this guild. Those who are active should be sharing information and organising events on this forum.

Could everyone participate please?

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Farming for Xenn Tech quests at the moment on Seewatch coast and Island of madness. Gives you armor with some nice utilities (like enduring breath, levitation, 100str buff....). For each piece you need a Xenn Tech schematic to start the quest, a Glowing (somecolor) Energy Sphere (easy to get) and then a varying number of Xennu energy shards (the farming part). The shards drop randomly from Xennus in Seewatch coast and Island of madness, all energy sphere drop on Island, the green one also on coast.

On Island there are also some 4 and 5 dots nameds with fast respawn (20mins?), where you can get some nice drops too. Most of them have no placeholders. The only problem for me at the moment is i level faster then i get my shards. Anyone welcome to join me on this if you'd like.

EB Mask
Levitate Cape
Invis Bracer (2 mins duration, 25 mins recast)
Resistance Helm
Boots (not really sure what effect is)
Int/Str Ring

So much about my actual activity

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I'm in with Ilmarna, she's lvl 34 atm.

What's your in-game name?
(i've been away some time)