Topic: Sorry guys - leaving Vanguard for a while

I only can say the same as Meta and Judgemax said - not much going on in this game atm - i really feel sad to leave since this game was something like a baby for me ( did beta for quite a while and particepated in a lot of progress over the 4 mounth i played it b4 release ) - now this game is stuck and screwed due to changes they made for comercial reasons - no success there though 8-(

I hope Soe make something possible - prolly b4 x-mas to do a kinda re-release - if this going to happen i will  be back for sure smile

For now i started 2 chars on Lotro -server Evernight - Norezza / Diabola -if ya interested to meet me again in the meanwhile - hehe - also i canceled my Vanguard subscription today to save some money smile

I wish ya GL for those who will stay and hope BnG will be 1 of the major Guilds when there are more player to recruit again !

Norezz ForU - (Blood-)Mage but still something like a Healer smile

Re: Sorry guys - leaving Vanguard for a while

im keeping your almost finished sloop for when you return tongue