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#1 05-11-2013 11:38:30

New member
Registered: 17-10-2007

Hi from me and Amadiel

Hi all,

look what ive found here : … arter.html

We will see!!

Hope youre all fine and still a bit into gaming hehe.
I play Path of Exile atm and some GW2, thats it.

Any infos about Neffan? After we quit WoW we lost contact. If yes, greetings to him!



#2 07-11-2013 18:13:16

Registered: 21-02-2007

Re: Hi from me and Amadiel

Hi both of you ! smile and let's hope it's  a good news ! would love to have some news of Neff too wink



#3 13-11-2013 17:50:16

Registered: 22-02-2007

Re: Hi from me and Amadiel

Shalom u2 smile

From the tweet you link, i noticed the following :

Brandon K. Blackburn ‏@B_Blackburn21 31 Oct
@Aradune I'm also curious if you guys are comfortable or wanting to target a primarily niche community or design to appease the masses.
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Brad McQuaid ‏@Aradune 31 Oct
@B_Blackburn21 niche!

Interesting... Even if hardcore gaming is too much time consuming now (for me anyway).




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