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Topic: Progression on live -- Box healers


Ok, i really, really, really need to say it... I'm quite even sure nobody will read that, so i also probably have to call it in /gu...

My dear boxers who use a CLR/SHM/DRD, whatever can use heal spell...

STOP THE FUCKIN OVERSPAM HEAL EVERYFIGHT... Thks tongue And, no, i'm not mad/angry (but a bit sad maybe tongue )

We arent in GoD (and maybe next) fuckin expansions (where, as a matter of fact, you ACTUALLY need that...).
We arent in "i-dont-know-which-fuckin-so-called-MMO-of-the-day-where-spamming-a-key-for-healing-is-CALLED-FUCKIN-UBBER-GAMEPLAY"/needloltrololol...

YOU SPAM HEAL WHEN... (positive)

a) Spam heal is usefull TILL the mob is SLOWED (if able).
b) Spam heal is usefull when target is near to death (say under the 35% as a general rule, according to dps input).*
c) Heal over time is always usefull as it polish (if use of this word is correct) the damage on a regular basis.
d) Mitigations spells (ie Guard of Vie, Ward of Alendar, Divine Intervention, etc.) and/or Cure Spell (if needed) are always usefull and gain to be maintained during a whole fight.

* : as most of healers are multi-box, i can actually repeatedly hail the target if we need that sort of spam heal, if you want (well, in fact, i'm sure you want). You could even make a macro for "emergency healing" =>
Line 1 = /pause 5, /assist Tyra
Line 2 = /cast X (X for the slot where you mem your fast-heal spell).


Otherwise, spamhealing as a fuckin bot is useless... Even worse... It's ANNOYING (impeding), BERDOL !


We use WAR (or plate class) as tank and CH as heal cuz of the regularity/constance of these comination.

WAR tankiness comes from the mitigation (from stats and disc) and HP pool, that makes HP loss regular/constant (yes, i insist...) than a MNK per ex. (who rest more on his avoidance). CH serve the same idea of regularity (also as mana management solution times ago).

I dont really need to chain CH on most of the fight neither (except for the most hard-fast-hitting bitches) and i have to estimate around which %t of HP i start cast CH (that can change during the fight) ; constant spam just make it impossible to estimate/assess (counteract regular dmg input). Basically, you make my job impossible to do (and, for an extent, you dont use your toon on the most optimal way)...

PS : missing so much BBC code for sizefont and /list tongue