WTF am I finding here hehe. Greetings from Amadiel and Angel. We are still playing WoW on "Die Silberne Hand" /Aliance. Me now playing Combat rogue in Karazhan but due to much working atm not so much time to have uber progress. Ama ist uber healing mashine priest on the way to more healing bonus than i have ap hrhrhr. Somehow would be fun to see you again somehow somewhere. Ive moved my chars from english server just to keep them alive somehow hehe. Yeah paly-tanking ist much more fun thank warrior. AOE ftw.


Cuckcuck Angel and Ama !

Schet and I are back on EQ1... smile and we enjoy it, new zones, quests, 5 extensions to discover, I don't understand why I left the game 3 years ago tongue


Mettini :martien


Yoyo Angel ! big_smile


Hrhrhr Neffan is with us too and sometimes he also talks about old EQ1 times and that some ppl are back again. When i tell it to Ama she always says "why the fuck should i play again this game with its pacman graphic where i cant do anything alone half of time or without a "slower" and "healer" and "tank"."
Wow isnt the uber game but it fits more in our "casual player" life we reached meanwhile. Much work less time for games.
Atm i am waiting for Hellgate London in subscriber mode. could be very funny. i played the demo and felt the good old diablo feeling. "one more mob one more drop gogogo" hrhr.

Very nice to have this forum and have some contact to you here and there :-p