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Topic: Welcome back on EQ, the how to

First of all, download the maps ! www.mapfiend.net
See here all the gifts you can have -> www.raidloot.com
UI interesting = Foofy (every spell every class) (Lado advice)

Hotzones = xp bonus + specific augments

Level 20 : The Castle of Mistmoore
Level 25 : The Permafrost Caverns
Level 30 : Trakanon's Teeth
Level 35 : The Warsliks Woods
Level 40 : The Dawnshroud Peaks
Level 45 : Velketor's Labyrinth
Level 50 : The Deep
Level 55 : The Temple of Droga
Level 60 : Nobles' Causeway
Level 65 : The Halls of Honor

- I did not have time to look at Tradeskills yet (Hzark can make some cultural armor, stats seems good)
- Powerstone : can be put in some slot, raise stats, lower others.
- There are billions of quests, acces, etc., I don't know yet.

Omen of War
How to go there : speak to Priest of Discord on the hill in PoK, and say : I wish to go, and hop ! tp to Dranik's Scar.

Epic 1.5 and 2.0

Anguish, raid end zone extension =
You need 7 signets, dropped in differents OOW zones :
- RSS : Christal-Gemmed Signet
- MPG : Glimmering Signet
- WoS : Tarnished Signet
- Sewers : Discolored Signet (instancied zone in RCOD, south) tip = good instance has Foreman and Ukun Sentinel in dialog.
- RCOD : Weather-Worn Signet
- Catacombs : Dust-Marred Signet (instancied zone in RCOD, middle) tip = good instance has Master of the Watch in dialog.
- Dranick Hollows : Two-Toned Signet (instancied zone in Dranik's Scar)

Of course, camp is as boring as the VT one tongue repop 20 min

When you have them, you can enter into CoA with a flag 85/15, then loot a Seal of Mastery to be completly flagged. This Seal dropps off any named (not the minibosses, who drop only augments). You can loot nothing in the zone until you have this Seal.
Note : you must be ally to Dranik Loyalists for armor CoA, it takes about 7-8 raids CoA to max faction.

Dragons of Norrath
How to go there : Lavastorm redesigned. 3 camps there : one neutral, one good, one dark.
Good explanations here : http://samanna.net/gen.info/prog.don.shtml

Depths of Darkhollow
How to go there : Go to Nektulos, follow the river to the west and take the tunnel underwater, hop ! you zone into Corathus Creep.

3 spells, serie of missions, called 68.x, 69.x, 70.x, must be completed all, but not necessarly in order, to have the spell.
68 : Hail Kelliad, Stoneroot Falls, 5 missions.
69 : Hail Brovil Pallivineg in Corathus Creep, 4 missions.
70 : Hail Jenzarrad the Prophet in Undershore, 5 missions.

The Skull of DEn Lord Rakban : item that involves during the time passed in game. Long quest.

Dreadspire Keep Key : Treddlehoop's Wonderful Monoculor Seeing Device (I didn't begin this key) -> Raid zone = Demi Plane of Blood


Prophecy of Ro
How to go there : Freeport (new town, enjoy to be lost there:p), find the tower, go upstairs and zone into Arcstone.

Cloak of the Spirit Hunter : item that involve during the time passed in game (I think so). Quest in Arcstone from Spirit HUnter Elijo (at camp, zone in Arcstone)
Spell lvl 68 : quest in Devastation (zone in FP arena). Any of the quests completed will give the spell.

- Aura lvl 55 task The Chalice of life in TAkish-Hiz (new zone in south Ro) from Lilthill'yan Ghost
- Aura lvl 70 : NRo3

Acces ToB (Theatre of Blood) (not sure about this acces)
- NRo1 : THe Key to the Past
- NRo2 : The Burning Prince
- NRo3 : Message to the past ---> aura lvl 70

- Skylance 1 : Library
- Skylance 2 : Oubliettes
- Skylance 3 : Laboratory ---> Spell 70

- Saga skins
- Preparing your new skins
- Become a Vessel
3 last ones trigger :
-Sample of Corruption

The Serpent's Spine
How to go there : by Highpass for the nostalgian, by clicking the Crescent Reach book in PoK (that tp you to Blightfire Moors) for the others tongue

Ding 75

Serpent Seeker's Charm of Lore
Runed Diamond : mana preservation 6 (drop nerfed, boring camp)
Orb of Duskmold (self symbol if no cleric in group)
Valdeholm : Decent bracers : really easy quest (need bracers quest x4 to have enough faction for a decent Shield
Ashengate Seal : to bypass  the villaines statues and go xp in a gooood zone tongue
Several "easy" named in TSS give good armor, that can be upgraded with focus and/or stats by powersource, depends on slot : Hail Tenish in Crescent Reach for TSS armor

THe Buried Sea
How to go there : Toxxulia Forest, there is a new tunnel on the East wall that take you to Barrens Coast : pirates, coconuts and Vahinés undeads, sharks, crocos...
There are 2 factions : pirates and Katta merchants, these factions are not opposite.

Some new spells can be bought there, RK1 to the pirates, RK2 to Katta. Raise faction by missions, raids.

Skeletal Hand : nice augment for non-lazy people ! mostly solo/duo tasks (not finished)

Missions Katta

Acces to Solteris, high end zone of the TBS expansion : complete 8 missions in Katta.

Please post anything you read wrong or not here yet (post will be long tongue)


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Re: Welcome back on EQ, the how to

List of soloables upgrades :

Disclaimer : its necro board, so not soloable by most lesser classes ! Some stuff can be root doted.


This augmentation is soloable by any class able to use invis potion (all) :
Augmentation type: 7 8
HP: +50 MANA: +50 ENDUR: +50
Attack: +15 Mana Regeneration: +3
Recommended level of 65. Required level of 58.

Quest : http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/ques … quest=3826
Note in Vergalid you need to use the /open command on chest so your invis doesn't break.

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Schet. wrote:

Note in Vergalid you need to use the /open command on chest so your invis doesn't break.

Dunno about invis, but FD drops when doing a /open... Learned it the hard way smile

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no clue about FD heh, it works with invis tho, did it with Zyl.

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Thanks for this guide Metti

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Really good big_smile

May Saint Cavalera be with you!

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Thanks metti : this probably could help

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new hotzones!!

Level 20 North/South Ro
Level 25 Solusek's Eye
Level 30 Blightfire Moors
Level 35 Stone Hive
Level 40 Dulak's Harbor
Level 45 Skyshrine
Level 50 Akheva Ruins
Level 55 Crypt of Nadox
Level 60 Riwwi, Coliseum of Games
Level 65 Torden, Bastion of Thunder
Level 70 Ruins of Illsalin


Fabled mobs for anniversary start March 16!

This year SoE continues progression and has Fabled PoP, all the way up through PoTime. PoTime is going to be very tough supposedly, Tier 2+ of SoF level. Still hoping to get in there, even though my guild does very little raiding wise together on Fennin Ro. Those who want to raid belong to raid teams that raid on times I am at work /sigh.


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Re: Welcome back on EQ, the how to

We (Jesters) did a back-flagging raid in Time last night so as to be ready to try the Fabled Time when it arrives.