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just figured I would jump on wagon, after falling off a while ago. My schedule relaxed a little bit at work, and I decided that it was a good time to come back to EQ1. Came back for Halloween, and decided to stay. I have a 69 ranger (aroidan of course) as well as a 65 ikky shaman on a 2nd acct.

Since everyone seems to be on AB server, I guess it is time for me to spend some money and transfer my 2 toons over, so I don't have to restart from lvl 1 all over. I should be able to do this financially in the next week or so. I can't wait to see you all in game again.

I had so much fun chatting with you all on AB gogol (yes, meme toi Thelv).

Just a note, I am back in US right now, so several hours behind you. I also have a crazy work schedule that changes every week. I work as a manager in a restaurant. As a result, on any given day, I may work from 7 am est to 5pm est, or from 12pm to 10pm, or from 5pm to 2am... Therefore, when it comes to raids, I cannot be there all the time or maybe even most of the time. I miss raiding with you all so much, and hope to lvl up and be able to join you as much as possible, but daily raids won't be possible for me.

Since I have 2 accts, (well even a 3rd I am paying for if I can remember the access info mdr) I can DC when you all sleep, and still work to catch up on lvls and keys etc. Just seeing you all every now and then will be better than on Fennin Ro with just a few ppl I know.... Also, even with 2 accts, I cannot DC in raids, because my computer is old and cannot handle very well huhu.

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yeah !!!! welcome back ugly ranger !!! big_smile

And 17% from ding 80 here smile

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Omfg ! Considering coming back on EQ1 LMAO (You old bags never met my warrior Boule, and Jesters never met Nina smile ) OMFG !!!

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Yeah ! come back nina !!!!

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/wave Boule smile