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Just wondering if anyone is still playing or thinking of playing eq1 again. It seemed like a bunch of ppl were back or thinking of returning, mostly on AB server. Then, all of a sudden, the only person I see in gogol chat is Hzark, and sometimes asta.

For those that left with the rest when EQ2 and WoW came out, there are something like 5 new expansions. Bazaar gear = Time gear or better, so gearing up is not too tough. The new expansion raised the max lvl to 80, and the new tradeskill cultural armor, at lvl 80, has up to 600 hps / piece or more.

Metti put together a great info sheet on quests and things to do. COME BACK!!!!!

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Metti and I are lost into (try at least the demo, single player, RPG like, adult mode tongue)

About EQ, no idea atm, account isn't closed, I might be back or not, it mainly depends on the wind direction big_smile

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My account is closed now. I have been taking 1 month then cancelling it right away, knowing how some "follow the wind" big_smile.

Its clearly my last mmo. I may come back to it if say kiriac and so on poped, as it was a great waste of money this time around.

So if you can, DONT come back wink

I think mogi mentionned that EQ was the best game because we were the best people. Ahem big_smile No, its because it was the first one. People are the same everywhere.
If we were the best, we would still be together no?


May Saint Cavalera be with you!

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Hello all smile

I wanted to come back EQ but as i said it before i had lots of problems to solve.

- Had to repair my computer, i'm actually on a really old one not even able to launch EQ correctly.
- Had to change internet provider, since i can't launch EQ with my actual internet box blocking it.
- Had to pay for new expansions and reactivate account.

For now i did nothing of that. Couldn't find a mainboard yet to repair computer, so i'm still on old crap i just use for internet or freecell tongue Didn't change provider yet, since i need the phone for now and can't be 15 days without phone waiting for new phone line activation. Last but not least, i wanted to wait a bit to pay for old content.

Since one month i'm madly working, it's pre-christmas and re-opening of winter season (ski stations). So i got no time to spare for games nowadays.... will see later.

And i think EQ was surely the first MMORPG for us but the time it lasted proved it was the best one... And our way to play and to manage guild/alliance was probably the best smile

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Except people change Asta. And their tastes in games change. Which is why we are no longer together smile Although we kind of are, since we post here.

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It's fun how "some" can disappear during weeks just to come back to complain about who take a break from being the bored "permanence" in an empty gogol. And when "some" decide to log, we also tired (and somehow sad) to see they like to ninja log-out at 21h, and we aren't sad because it's something new.

So, to summarize. EQ is a great game, we like to play it with people who are good players, especially if they are online players big_smile But the game being that empty of that kind of people atm (only Hzark is standing proudly in this sinking boat) I don't think its possible for me to play it as before without dying of boredom.

So (if Asta allows me) I think I am gonna keep that account open, and come play from time to time, especially if we have RDV to do something all together. And I will probably join Jester in Norrath as well, so thats at least one RDV / week.

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Special for Asta :

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I dont know who you aimed at schet. If was me, I let everyone know my situation right away. I may not have transferred right away to AB server, but it was a matter of money, not volition. I said I would, and I intended to. Now, it seems like nobody plays anymore, but hzark and asta. I have not even seen Thelvaen in gogol chat for at least a week or more. I play every day almost, at least 6 days a week. I am still on torv/fennin ro, but if everyone is on AB, then I will switch, to be with you all. I don't expect a new BaG. in previous posts, I even said I did not know how much I could raid,with work and all and being in USA. (/sniff). However, I wish to play with everyone, when possible. I will switch to AB, as long as I know I have a chance of sometimes seeing ppl in gogol, and maybe even grouping with them. If not, then I guess I stay on Torv/ Fennin Ro, accept a guild invite from someone else, and try and have fun ingame that way. Won't be the same. I returned to game in end of October. I have played 6/7 days since then, except for a few days during the end of Novembre. Every day I say hello in gogol. and mostly, nobody answers, since Hzark may be afk, and nobody else is online.

I don't want to force ppl to return, but it is a good game, (best out there by far imo). There are new things to see and do, for both raiders and questers and TSers. I would like to see more of BaG/FDers, but if not to be, then oh well. I still hate you all anyways!!!! muahahahahahaha

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Sorry if it wasnt clear but, no, it wasnt "aimed" at you roll

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Sorry Aroid, myself i kinda gave up with EQ at the moment, and things going how they go, i might never come back....  Will keep you in touch though smile

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Am I wrong if I say that when you returned (Asta, Zyl, Metti, Thelv, Hzark and Chaton at least), you were expecting to revive BaG and its spirit ?
If so then it's normal if you are disappointed... Unless nearly all of the old BaG team is back, you won't be able to rebuild it immediately. That doesn't mean EQ spirit is dead and everything is boring, just BaG belongs to past now. But there are still A LOT to do and A LOT of fun to have.
Trying and wanting to have again the BaG « feeling » (or call this whatever you want, I think you see what I mean tongue) was an error. You should have joined Jesters in Norrath (or any no raiding guild, hard core ones wouldn't have accepted you anyway tongue) to re-discover what you missed while away, in a relaxed atmosphere. Then, once you have caught up (catched up ?), do what you're fancy.
But EQ still is the best MMORPG ever, and you are a nice bunch of crazy people, it's just too bad to see you spread in crappy games like DDO (:P).
So, to sum up, get your ass on AB quick and apply JiN ASAP damn it !

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Re: Anybody alive?

There are people out there still playing DDO? O_O

edit : Oh, and "Your mother sucks dwarf dicks!" (The Witcher ftw)

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Well I am playing EQ1 on AB, I have joined Jesters in Norrath, and I am loving it. It is still a great game, and this is a very nice friendly guild that will make progress in its own way and time.

If anyone comes back they have some catching up to do, so no hurry to be uber hard core raiders.

JiN has a lot of French players too, so no excuse there.

The latest expansion, SoF, gives you full access to all previous expansions, so this is a really good time to come back. (I had a very boring time for my first 2 weeks back before SoF went live as I was 5 expansions behind and could get no groups - but everything is great now).

You can gear up quite quickly with bazaar or TS made gear. The latest tradeskill armour is really rather uber. There are also some very nice items that drop from single groupable named in the first SoF zone.

I can make the symbol augs for anyone, and the base armour for leather or cloth clad Iksars.

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We did that mistake in wow already, so I think we are past that, well at least I never thought we could be the bag "again". I mostly agree with Letto, people change, and especially people that were the core of the guild. (most of them weren't working or sleeping tongue)

My only concern atm is I don't want to be stuck in any game without chance to log out when I want to. EQ requires long playing sessions, logging for 30min isn't really possible, and logging out suddenly doesn't work well with the way this game is played as a group/raid. In short, EQ used to take every space available, I am atm really hating that. (welcome to

Anyway.. look, its amazing how we manage to post semi-aggressive messages (I am talking about Asta's message and my answer) just because Metti and I decided to play a different game during our free time for a while.

About DDO : we played it a bit with Zila and Thelv, was fun the time it lasted, but Metti hates it and I don't really like it myself so it was short big_smile

About The Witcher, spread the word, you need to try it at least : … _demo.html big_smile

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Re: Anybody alive?

Well I am pleased to see that some people have realised that there is more to life than MMORPGs. I used to really worry about the time some people spent on these games.

However, I think it must (hopefully) be possible to strike a balance, and play less often but still make progress. We shall see.

It is true that logging on for 30 mins isn't very useful, but to set aside 3 or 4 hours to play several times a week isn't too hard. The only hard part is stopping oneself getting more deeply involved and spending more hours than you intended.

I suspect that we are all fairly compulsive personalities or we would not have taken to EQ so much the first time round. Perhaps with age we can take a more mature approach to the game. (Perhaps not).

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Yes Zark, there is more to life than MMOPRGs... I am writting from Dublin at the moment, i got an interview tomorrow morning to become French Teamleader of the Warhammer online's GMs.... smile. Yeah, there is definatly more than MMORPGs in life....... big_smile

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woot grats thelvaen on invite, and merde for the interview. Can't wait to hear some good news soon!! I want to be able to play Warhammer and trash talk about the GMs muahahahahahaa

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Bonne merde!

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well, i already have a beta account.... smile But if i have a good merde, i might get more accounts for buddys, i dunno smile.

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And leeetz beta infoz ! tongue

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Sooo, just to let everyone know, I am hired by Goa and i will be an official GM team leader from the 4th February, in Dublin. smile

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wooooot !!!! Gratz !!!!!

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Bon courage à Dublin, c'est une ville un peu zarb mais très attachante smile

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Sounds great, ban some Danish people for me!

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wooot grats thelv. can't wait to cause trouble in game muahahaha ...

PS, beta invites for all plskthxla