Topic: Fabled PoP March 2008

just posted from Nodyin, EQ1 dev at SoE.

EverQuest designer Nodyin stopped by SOE's EQ Forums to let us know that yes, indeed, fabled mobs will be introduced in Planes of Power zones for this year's anniversary:

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to post and give everyone a preview of what we have planned for our next Anniversary period in March. After some research and finding a spare week lying around somewhere we decided we were going to be able to tackle the Planes of Power progression for a Fabled event after all. We've been hard at work on getting it all plugged in and we're happy to say that it looks like it's going well and we expect to be all set for the Anniversary.

A few notes about this:

We're going to be making a large chunk of the PoP progression "Fabled" during this time. This means these events will become a lot harder than normal so if you're working through the PoP progression normally you may need to put it on hold during this period.
We looked into removing the flag requirements for the various zones outside of Time iteslf but it seems like a task that's just a bit too big to fit into the schedule right now. We'll see if we can find time for it between now and the Fabled but I wouldn't count on it. That means if you are not currently able to get into all the zones but you want to be then you can take this opportunity to get some flags out of the way before the event kicks off.
We should have raids and group fabled content that span a wide range of power levels but it's all going to be aimed at around SoF group and raid levels.
That's all I have for now. I may not be able to answer follow up questions if we don't know the answer yet but I'll keep checking this thread and pass on whatever I can.


We're currently planning on doing Plane of Time itself as well.

The 4 tiers of content in SoF cover TSS, Solteris and 2 levels of raiding beyond Solteris. There will be more raids in the Fabled PoP that are Tier 1 than are likely found in SoF with a lot of content that is aimed at Solteris and above guilds. There will also be the same 4 tiers of content for the single group game.