Topic: Play games that adults play!

There is no game at the moment that can mess with Lord of the Rings Online!
Keoq and me exploring the game since 4 weeks now, and we only can recomend it for people who like a real complex, nice and not infected kiddy-shit game. Since all the big upgrades and yesterday with book 12 it simply kicks ass. Great and mass assful content and very very nice look. Very complex if you want to have it complex, or casual if you want to, depends on your motivation to play.

So try it out with 7 days trial an see if i am right or not:

Re: Play games that adults play!

I managed to play that game to level 5 before falling asleep of boredom big_smile

Disclaimer : I probably missed the point !!

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woaaaa you missed the point smile
you just played the beginning instance and maybe some random quests. Maybe you took the wrong class? The nice thing is the quest lines of the epic stuff (book quests) You get great XP while doing the stuff and getting nice rewards, they also improved the lvl 10-20 quests with book 12. Sure you have std. quest shit like "bring 10 of these or kill 15 of this", but they also have great quest lines with nice storylines etc...
If you are bored some day and you really have nothing usefull to do, try it again. smile

maybe you will think different about it now after all the great updates.

Re: Play games that adults play!

These days i'm looking for a new game

I'll give lotro another try, as I never played the demo I DLed and had the 14 days trail elapsed

Anyone still in the game ?