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No, not dtc but irl, let's start with my loc big_smile

it's the tiny island on the left in the middle of a big scary thing XD

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This is the cyclone ?


Mettini :martien

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Gnii Auro, I see you still have an interesting life there yikes

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So.. how was it ? I heard on some radio it was the biggest cyclone ever or something ?

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yuh I saw a picture of a broken bridge in the newspaper this morning .. it was really impressive.

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Yup, funny thing is the cyclone stayed still for a few hours then came back to us big_smile
While the broken bridge is impressive, it show that european construction technique is worthless in a tropicall island : concrete structures suffered of water infiltration and pressure and were poorly made.

Currently I am fine, because I live in the north side while the cyclone is ravaging in the west side (usually protected by mountains, but this time not!). Water distribution is broken, heavy rains, 150 km/h wind speed BUT....still have internet, yay! XD