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Topic: Candidature Slozem

Salut tous le monde!

Non, je ne parles pas de francais, pas beaucoup, je veux dire. Mais j'entend un petit peu. Si vous ne parles pas trop vites wink

Alors, ma candidature - en anglais, s'il vous plaît:

Hey guys! A couple of you know me already from 2 Hate raids that I joined you on. I am an experienced EQ veteran, who played a necro main for 10 years on live, has quite some experience about game mechanics, raid leading, playing a cleric (box) and a monk (twink) and has now played a shaman main to learn a new class. I am really interested in casual raiding, some (rare) times I want to do whatever I am busy with and not join raids, even though most likely 99% of the time I will prefer to raid with you smile

So that is why I want to join a casual(!) raiding guild. If you don't mind speaking a bit of english every now and then for my sake, then we'll surely have some fun smile

Oh btw - je suis un maudit allemand de Cologne *g*

J'espére la votre réponse!


PS: Oh - btw - this post concerns Project 1999 server smile

Re: Candidature Slozem

Wir können auch ein wenig Deutsch, but not that much tongue

Bienvenue, herzlich Willkommen and cya in game :-)

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hello smile
maybe see ya soon in game wink

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Willkommen Slozem smile

Adigalya Nécro smile (LFG)

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Hiho Slozem ! Bienv'nue ! smile


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Hey Hey My My !?

Heya SLozy ! Welcome into the guild ! Good to know that you join our Rank ! Welcome to Blood and Guts Buffer !

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Hey man, sup ? Glad to see you around, we need a Shaman anyway smile

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Hi Slozem, nice to meet you smile

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Wir sprechen auch Deutsch hier smile

Wilkommen !

May Saint Cavalera be with you!

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Hola que tal?

Bienvenido a Sangre y Cojones big_smile

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! ????? ??? ?? ???? ????????

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Selamat Datang !! Tidak ada orang bahasania indonesia disni tapi saya suka bahasa indonesia !

Well, was just an original way of wishing you welcome, in another language I'm probably the only here to speak smile

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Ker'tho tran hashirkr n'bshar shinlok.

(Welcome in Dark elf)