Re: Who is who and who is where ?

- Kasilis
- Kerigon


- Shantul 60 shaman kel thuzad
- Kayge 50 priest
and 60 warrior

Vanguard maybe?
anyone got a trial version for me? ^^

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

i have a rogue named Mogi ! lvl hmmmm 60 or more ^^

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

Everquest 1
Malabar Alagum - Dorf Paladin 65 - (retired)
Moontain Mandragoon - Dorf Cleric 51 - (retired)

Bistouquette - Dorf Hunter 60 - (retired)

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Re: Who is who and who is where ?

EverQuest: Norreen Shadowpaw, Meep Meep (Torvonnilous and Stormhammer)
EverQuest II: Sweetsong, Aleyna (Steamfont)
World of Warcraft: Highheals (Emerald Dream)
Final Fantasy XI Online: Sweetsong (Ramuh)

I am not playing any (online)-games anymore, though.

Just quoting myself from another board:

"My journey into MMORPGs ended August 2006, when I decided that I have to uproot my life or else I would end up in a disaster sooner or later. So from one day to another I cancelled all my accounts for EverQuest, EverQuest II, Starwars: Galaxies, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI Online and stopped playing thus leaving a time hole the size of the Milky Way in my days. This in return caused my latent depression to reoccur leaving me with the decision whether I cut my wrists or embrace an ICE while it's approaching me with 300 km/h. Believing that my life, also rotten to the core, still has the chance to be turned 180, I saw my neurologist and brought my point across that I am on the verge to commit suicide and thus need care in a mental hospital. I also phoned one of my old friends asking her to pray for the situation, as in Frankfurt there is no mental hospital which is able to treat people with ADHD, the only mental hospital close by which is able to is Zentralinstitut fuer seelische Gesundheit (central institute of mental health) in Mannheim.

They usually do not accept patients from other cities but Mannheim, but Dr. Alm knowing me from my stays there in 2001 and 2002 queued me in for acceptance as soon as a place would come available. The situation got worse for me as the days passed by waiting for her call to get ready so I called the nurse in charge to ask what my position is in the queue. She provided a note to the doctor in charge just mentioning my mobile phone number. Two hours later I got a call by Dr. Mase, the doctor in charge, that I should arrive for acceptance next day 9am. Next day I got up early and rode the ICE from Frankfurt to Mannheim and I got accepted. In the afternoon there was the first examination by Dr. Mase during it it turned out that I was the wrong patient, but as I was pretty suicidal, she had to keep me. In the progress of the examination Dr. Alm (she is beside Dr. Sobansky one of the two gurus for ADHD in the ZI) joined in and ordered to resume the medication with Concerta (ironically the title of the related web site is "The center of attention") and also do a medication with an antidepressant called Cymbalta. I felt that I was on the right track now and was very much relieved. I also began to recognize that I shouldn't move back to Frankfurt, so I got on the road that I was enqueued for an apartment-sharing community run by the ZI providing support for people with psychological disabilities.

The german state Hessen as well as the City of Mannheim agreed on me moving in and also paying for the support by ZI. After a stay of seven weeks in the ZI I got released into the apartment, much to my relief, which was 15th of November 2006. I also found a psychotherapist capable of working through a behavior therapy designed for people with ADHD, which is Ms. Tusk.

I also reestablished some of my old hobbies as there are reading, watching movies, meeting up with friends real life. I also started learning karate."

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Re: Who is who and who is where ?

Drachan, 70 human paladin, Torvonnilous server (Blood and Guts and Fizzle Dings)
more toons on Torvo
Whisperwind, 54 wood elf ranger, Firiona Vie server

Everquest II:
Dhemon, 70 human SK, Kithicor server (Fizzleblood)
Peimei, 70 human Monk, Kithicor server (Fizzleblood)
Liliith, 70 dark elf Assassin, Kithicor server (Fizzleblood)
Frostblade, 59 barbarian Paladin, Permafrost server (Europa)

Some pally on some server, forgot name too, caugh (ask Treokh)

Liliith, human Ranger form Qalia, Infineum server (Blood and Guts)
Drakhan, human Paladin from Qalia, Infineum server (Who stole my "c"?!!)
Clio, human Paladin from Thestra, Gelenia server

And not at all suicidal. In fact I started a new job 1 year ago and even got a seond one starting this year. I also see all of my friends.

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

Everquest :
Kelson, Palanain 53 (Vallon Zek)
Tyrionx, Dwarf rogue 70 (Torvonnilous and BaG forever)

WoW :
I don't remember tongue some lvl 15-30

EQ2 :
Same as WoW

Vanguard :
Kelson, Palanain 12 (inactive and even before Llewn arrived !)

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

World of Warcraft

old Server Thunderhorn and migrated to new Blue dragonflight server  with all the  "Kinky" guild
Oldor : Undead Rogue (70)
Batskin : Orc Hunter (70)

Everquest 2

Didn't played it

Everquest 1

Server Torvonnillous
Oldor : Half Elf Warrior (62) (Inactive)
Goliat : Beastlord Vashir tongue   (65) (Inactive)

I m playing in middle of a mature european guild with stealetto and goffus,we used to raid karazahn and make our first attempt in gruul lair lately.
I wish you all the luck and fun you ll got in your new Vanguard adventure.

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Re: Who is who and who is where ?

WoW :
- FR.Dalaran : Mokhtar (70 undead PRI) @Asmodeus -> very much active, guild is mature and raid-oriented, what the BaGs could have been on Tunderhorn if we were not so "Anarchy in Azeroth"-minded smile
- UK.Thunderhorn : Mokhtar (60 human PRI) @BaGs -> retired

EQ :
- Antonius Bayle : Mokhtar (68 Mage) @Flamme Eternelle -> retired

Met you through Ninaelle who migrated on Antonius Bayle and started a warrior named Boule, later joined some friends including Nina and joined BaGs smile

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

WoW: (Mannoroth - PvP)
Ritmage lvl 70 - Mage -- ALLY
Ritlock lvl 68 - Warlock -- ALLY

Thunderhorn: (Retired)
Ritmone lvl 60 - Mage -- HORDE

EQ: (former Torv.)(Retired)
Ritmanx lvl 70 Beastlord
Rosiposie lvl 60 Rogue

EQ 2:(Retired)
Ritmanx lvl 17 Warrior

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

EQ1: Torvonnilous, then Antonius Bayle
Verdammnis (lvl75 Necro) retired since 10/06

WoW: Forgot Servername
Schnaps (lvl20 Warlock) retired 2 weeks after that shitty game came out

Verdammnis (lvl11 or so?) super casual once every 2 weeks...

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

Chaton 65 bard ( retired )
Aielle 50+ Cleric (retired)

Shany 70 monk ( retired )

Chaton, ( max level and fed up tongue )

Chaton, disciple 26
Aielle, cleric 20 ( i think tongue )

And a lot of other games big_smile

Waiting for my new computer, this one can't handle Vanguard ... 2 weeks max smile


Miaaaooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu big_smile

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Re: Who is who and who is where ?

EQ1 (back until can afford new computer I guess)
Aroidan 68 ranger
Cattburglar 65 rogue
Sniksa 60 shaman

Steenky 60 shaman

EQ2 (retired)
Ryven 60 assassin
assorted toons

WoW (ret.)
forgetthename 60 troll rogue
forgethename 60 hunter

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

Everquest 1

Server Torvonnillous / Fennin Ro
Rusum : Barbarian Shaman (70)    (after servermove, sony didnt delete the original Rusum)

Server Antonius-Bayle
Rusum : Barbarian Shaman (75)

Still playing, without any break.

Two weeks ago, i saw a corpse with the name Zilasak on AB-Server (Zone: Tutorial) !

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

Rusum wrote:

Two weeks ago, i saw a corpse with the name Zilasak on AB-Server (Zone: Tutorial) !

That sounds about right

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

Just found out the forum tongue. Glad most of you are still around !

Server Torvonnillous / Fennin Ro (funny enough, it was my server previous to Torvo, don't know what happened to my toons there)
Lowin : Halfling Rogue (70) retired
Sssik : Iksar Shaman (45) retired

Server (don't remember the name, but the french one)
Anthy Dott : Erudit Necromancer (53) retired

On some server, a long time ago
Gistum : Dwarf Warrior (47) retired

Server Confrérie du Thorium
Gistum : Draenai Hunter (65) active

I didn't try out the new games as I don't have that much time anymore hmm.

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

EQ 1 :

Thelvaenh 72 monk on Antonius Bayle (back !!!)
Thaelvyn 51 Druid 7th hammer (retired since 6 years)
Thorhin 51 Paladin (retired since 6 years)

EQ 2 :

Thelvaen 70 monk Runneye (retired)

Vanguard :

Keupon 37 rogue (retired)

WoW :

Can't remember

Warhammer Online Beta :

Thaelvyn 17 shaman
and many other toons

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Re: Who is who and who is where ?

EQ1: Hzark (Level 70 Beastlord, Torv) retired

WoW: Zarkos (level 60 Warlock, Thunderhorn) retired

Glad I found you guys again. What is good currently? I have had a nearly 2 year break from MMORPGs while writing a new set of Ancient/Medieval Miniatures Wargames rules, but they are nearly finished now and I am pining for a MMORPG.

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

we are back in eq1 now smile and having great fun tongue

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

Are you working for games workshop????

And yes we are back on EQ...

May Saint Cavalera be with you!

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Re: Who is who and who is where ?

Astartee wrote:

Are you working for games workshop????

No. Osprey & Slitherine.

Search Amazon for "Richard Bodley Scott"

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Re: Who is who and who is where ?

bowle 67 monk retired on torv but now fennin ro i think

vorstellung 80 priest on wildhammer horde (retired and ebayed)

eve online:

vorstellung  - no levels in eve  140+ mio sp minmatar+caldari trade and subcapitals (active)
h'jenn'ra't'rang - 140+ mio sp amarr carrier/logistics (active)

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

Hi, I actually have to say that I really liked your post.

Re: Who is who and who is where ?

je crois qu'on est envahi en fait tongue tout le forum va bientôt être englouti dans un torrent d’envahisseurs binommés !