Topic: Raid zones accesses (Tob, dpob, solt, katta portals)

Katta portals
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Solteris access

Demi-plane of blood access (+Dreadspire keep)

Theatre of blooooooood (and guts ?) access

[ ] North Ro 1: The Key to the Past (required)
[ ] North Ro 2: The Burning Prince (required)
[ ] North Ro 3: Message from the Past (required)

[ ] Skylance 1: The Library (required)
[ ] Skylance 2: The Oubliette (required)
[ ] Skylance 3: the Laboratory (required)

[ ] Saga Skins
[ ] Preparing the Skins
[ ] Becoming the Vessal
[ ] Samples of Corruption (required)

I'm sure several of guild has heard us talking about ToB (aka Theater of Blood). I thought I'd post and explain a bit more about it. Theater of Blood is one of the end zones in PoR (final end zone is Deathnell whose acceess/key is done in ToB).

The cool thing about ToB is that all of the trash mobs have a chance of dropping some pretty nice armor. The uncool thing about ToB is that even the Trash mobs are a pain in the butt (some more than others).

All the trash mobs have an incredable regen rate. We went in our first time with a pretty good dps group. Pulled first trash mob, and took us 15 minutes to kill it. For ever 4 percent damage we did, it regen 3 percent. If anyone sat down to mem a new spell, we lost ground and mobs health went up. At that point we decided we need more dps. We helped another 6 folks get flagged, and with 2 groups, we kicked ass.

1. Saga Skins, Preparing the Skins, and Becoming the Vessal are not required for ToB access. They are only required to start the next mission. If you can get someone who has completed Becomig the Vessal to start Samples of Corruptions, you can bypass the Saga Skins thru Becoming the Vessal

2. You can do them in any order to get credit for them

3. After completing North Ro 3, most caster classes get a 70 lvl spell (North Ro 1 & 2 not required)

4. After completing Skylance 3, most classes get 70 lvl spell/Disc (Skylance 1 & 2 not required)

5. After completing Saga Skins, most classes get 70 lvl spell/Disc

There is a bit of running around that you have to do cone you finish all the missions.

1. Talk to Arch Mage Galsin (in Arcstone)
2. Give Arch Mage Galsin Harmonic Chime (obtained for completing Skylance missions)
3. Receive Silent Harmonic Chime from Arch Mage Galsin
4. Give Silent Harmonic Chime to Oathhmir (in Devastation, won't accept until you finish Samples of Corruption)
5. Receive Twisted Chime from Oathmir
6. Talk to Arch Mage Galsin (in Arcstone)
7. Talk to Queen Tak'Yaliz in North Ro
8. Give Twisted Chime to Queen Tak'Yaliz (won't accept unless you finish all 3 N Ro missions)
9. Receive Twisted Harmonic Chime from Queen Tak'Yaliz
10. Give Twisted Harmonic Chime to Arch Mage Galsin
11. Receive Twisted Harmonic Chime and AA to access ToB

I think that covers it all, if you have any further questions, just ask away smile

May Saint Cavalera be with you!