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Long time no see,

Merry Christmas, Happy new year, happy birthday, and so much other things !

North remmember!


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Yo !

Indeed, it's been a while.

Overwatch looks interesting on the paper, however my last experiences in fps showed I've growed too old / slow / impatient to even be decent in thoses games :rale

Also, I've no idea what North remember refers to !

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North remember = Stark house, Game of thrones favorite sentence, and by someway i'm a north man ... so...

About overwatch, i'm old, slow, not particulary patient, really not sure of how long i can enjoy that sort of game, but they did a good job in class design, to let everyone find a slot adapted to their capacity.

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Salut Mira!

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Soooo... I was looking about Overwatch on youtube and for some reason I finished looking at Hearthstone videos, so now i'm hooked ! tongue

Unfortunately it's not really a game where you can team up if I'm not wrong. But if someone wants to add me and kick my noob ass -> Vyriep#2851 big_smile

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Totally unrelated but I stumbled on this gem and that makes sense for any star trek fan, I think : big_smile

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One more time, star trek show us what our future will be made of, oh wait, ... this has already begun ! 


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Mira you might want to have a look at Dusk, it's kinda ugly but the game is quite successful at recreating Quake 2 gameplay/feelings.

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Coucou Mira !
J'espère que tu n'as pas raté cette info :cool : … 38kVNTbZuw
Des bises !


Mettini :martien