Topic: Hello from the past ...

See there - this website still exists (and i found my login credentials).

You won't believe it, I'm still playing Everquest (without a break)

I am currently active on the emuserver "EQProFusion" (after "finished" Casual Dreams: Solo PoP). … rldid=2974

Some Teaser !


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Re: Hello from the past ...

I'm playing EQ too !! Zilasak lvl 76 monk on AB ! wink

I was tired of modern MMO and went back to EQ a few weeks ago.

At start it was so complicated that i had to restart a new character, but i'm finaly back to lvling Zilasak.

So far i can grind solo so it's OK, maybe i'll need some grouping later and will have to stop there. We will see !

And maybe one day, will be released !

Vous préoccupez pas trop de ce post, je dis n'imp comme d'habitude =/