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Topic: Tradeskill Armour

The tradeskill made armour appears to have been upgraded in SoF.

Elaborate armour + Exalted Symbol is just over 300 hp per slot
Elaborate armour + Sublime Symbols is around 360+ hp per slot

This is before you add the type 12 augment made from raid acquired items - which can push it up another 250 hp.

I have the quest to make Exalted Symbols. For this I need to kill 40 Darkroot shamans in Direwind Cliffs and 20 adult mammoths in Icefall.

Then, using no special ingredients (as far as I can see) except superb (?) animal pelts and excellent (?) marrow (or possibly next highest quality pelts and marrow - see below), I can make 300+ hp leather armour for iksars. I can probably also make similar cloth armour for iksars.

I suspect that the exalted symbols will also be ok for non-iksar worshippers of Cazic-Thule.

Presumably there is also a quest for Sublime Symbols but I have not found it yet. Others have, however, because I have seen them for sale in bazaar.

This is going to be by far the quickest way for me to upgrade my gear, and, of course, once I have done the quest I can make items for others too. I can rapidly add about 700hp to my total from Exalted stuff and then maybe another 300 or 400hp if I do Sublime.

The recipes are not yet on EQ Traders, but they will either use Superb Animal Pelts and Excellent Marrow, or possibly the next grade up of both. I got an Exquisite Animal Pelt yesterday, which sounds like the next grade up, so please keep any Superb Animal Pelts, Excellent Marrow, or any equivalents than sound like better quality. (Like Exquisite Animal Pelts)

I suspect that it will be:

Exalted Symbol: Exquisite Animal Pelt + Superb Marrow
Sublime Symbol: ? Animal Pelt + Exquisite Marrow

So please save these items.

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Re: Tradeskill Armour

In case anyone is thinking of coming back, an update on this:

I can now make the Exalted Symbols that upgrade Elaborate TS armour to 300+ HP per slot. I can make them for any race, slot or deity.

There is also new Elegant TS armour which has much higher AC and a few more HP, and also Sublime Symbols which add another 50 or 60 HP.

I can make Elegant armour but only leather/cloth for Iksars. Of course there are plenty of TSers around that can make for each race.

I have not yet done the quest for Sublime symbols.

The point is that it is pretty easy to upgrade your toon to gear approximating to Citadel of Anguish gear, ready to move on upwards into the new expansion.

In addition, all this armour can be further upgraded an extra 250+ HP using material from raid drops. So you can end up with 700 hp armour. yikes