Topic: Mettini's Ditty

Metti, here is a suggested ditty for you for joining JIN.

If you don't like it I will try again:

My name is Mettini,
I'm teeny and weeny,
a druid since time began.

My ditty is shitty,
But I am so pretty,
a genuine girl not a man.

I'm cheerful and fun,
I shine like the sun,
So invite me as soon as you can.

Re: Mettini's Ditty

Nice one Hz !
Now, no excuse for the short one big_smile

Si tu veux sauver un arbre, mange un castor.

Re: Mettini's Ditty

My feet are hairy
but I'm not a faery
only an ugly halfling

I am preceded a bit
by the smell of wet feet
when I have been bathing

But my lolos are great
so don't be afraid
invite me into your thing

I'm so good at English cool