Topic: Sins of a Solar Empire

Got this 2 days ago, can't stop playing it. Very well made mixture of real-time strategy and 4X.
The best thing about this game is how well it's designed - everything works exactly as you expect it, and the interface is fantastic.
There's no singleplayer campaign, only a ''skirmish''-option, it's designed for multiplayer.
So, try it out, it's very complex and a bit hard to get into, but don't give up! It's worth it, I think.

Re: Sins of a Solar Empire

I haven't played it online yet, but i have to admit it's quiet nice although it gets quiet boring playing against AI all day.. but those maps are damn huge. I'am just flying with my undefeatable fleet of 10 capital ships / 60 bomber squads from planet to planet ^^