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All the sons divided they'd fall
Here await the birth of the son
The seventh, the heavenly, the chosen one.

I miss you psychos! What are you playing at the moment?

(Above is a tartee-riddle tongue)

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still on Fennin Ro / Torv. Never made the move to AB since everyone disappeared before I had the money to move my toons over. My guild is picking up kind of where BaG / FD left off when EQ2 / WoW came out. We are farming CoA, and in fact I will be finishing my 2.0 tomorrow hehe. yeah, is way way old, but kind of nice to get to see everything that came out while I was out of game. The thing I miss most probably is that I can't raid more than 2 or so times a week due to work. Still having to work evenings, so I was unable to join some of the higher raiding guilds. Ah well, we do what we can. BTW, I did move my 60 epic 1.0 shammy to AB from the Combine, so if anyone decides to have some fun on AB, just join gogol, (will be nice to not be alone anymore...) and holler. I can always hop over to AB and join you.  Miss everyone, Hope everyone is having fun in whatever game they are playing..

PS: Is anyone going to try out Conan?


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/wave here, i am still on AB, i have a cleric close to lvl 80 (78) atm, raiding DoDH (DPoB/Vish), ToB, some anguish runs, PoR with NDA, but i am tagging along with AD folks quite often smile

I have seen AoC on beta, i won't try it, it just look like basic pvp with added blood and boobs (go go Tartee !!!! tongue)

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Still on AB. Jesters now raiding DPoB thanks to removal of flagging requirement.

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Thelv ! I thought you had vanished in the nothingness for good (or in Ireland tongue) !

Who is your cleric ? Are you in NDA or in AD ? roll

Si tu veux sauver un arbre, mange un castor.

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My Cleric name is.... Thelv smile lvl 80, epic 2 bla bla bla... in NDA but AD is trying to get me wink I have concealed on having a fellowship with the raid leader and the guild leader smile

And yes, still in Ireland and still working on Warhammer Online smile

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some of the eq2 fizzleblood guys will be in AoC on release next week.  i was on the tech beta (sucked balls being stuck in a room) and others on the full beta.