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This is the serious post of the year, to introduce the guild for newcomers. If you want to apply, read it all, please !

--- History

The Blood and Guts community exists since 1999. It started with a real life friends guild playing Everquest 1, and since then almost every mmorpg had a guild named "Blood and Guts" or not but still from this communauty.

This is mostly a mature (ahem) community, most members are 25-35, some are even olders tongue There is no real age restriction but well, you know, most of us were playing WoW and left it for a reason.

So we dont have a precise, long list of guild rules. Everyone is old enough to make that list useless, I think tongue

--- Goals, Raids, Loots

The main guild goal is raiding. To summarize, killing everything that requires more than 1 group is what we want. Joining us thinking about not raiding at all is possible, but irrelevant smile

As the main goal is raiding, we try to focus on the guild progression first. Selling items that actually upgrade a main char isnt well considered.. The 50hp that warrior will get from the item you just mailed him will probably help him survive to the next raid, so you can eventually get the uber loot faster.

So, you help others to upgrade their stuff, they help you, and everyone is happy ! hooray !

For that reason we think DKP is a bad solution to assign loot in raids, we are used to have an officer council dealing with raid loot. In short, they ask themselves something like the following :
- What is your attendance ? (the more you raid, the more you get)
- What loot did you get recently ? (If you just looted something uber, you might wait a bit before more)
- What item you already have in that slot ? (if its a very little upgrade for you, it might be better on someone else)
- Is that item an indispensable raid tool for anyone ? (if its an uber bow and you are not a ranger, probably you wont be the first one to get it)

--- Last but not least !

The most important thing is everyone wants an active guild (chat), being able to throw jokes arround and take the ones you will get in return will make you a very valuable member tongue


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Decent English optional

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Only Mogi isnt optional !

Vous préoccupez pas trop de ce post, je dis n'imp comme d'habitude =/

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Being a female, young and blond (or not) => send a PM to Astartee not optional

May Saint Cavalera be with you!

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Being a shemale => Not optional.

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O Mogi is here, that's good so we do have someone to blame when things go wrong.

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/wave Mogi

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Yay, the best tank ever posted!

No Drachan, it's not you