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Please post any usefull links you might find about crafting or diplomacy in Vanguard ! cool

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well Tiamara found a really good link for tradeskilling. … file_id=15

I started to write on a page about tradeskilling, at the moment it is just a collection about my thoughts and experience. 8)

If you have any suggestion for this site feel free to tell me this.
I will do my best to add it!

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Diplomacy - Raising his presence

List of NPC by towns


Hathor Zhi

Leth Nurae

Bordinar's Cleft

Ca'ial Brael



Mettini :martien

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This is a very big and well visited site on tradeskilling, a bit of a central point between all the other tradeskilling forums. It has proven really helpful for me so far. Maybe it's a well known site already but I thought I'd add it anyway.

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