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Topic: BaG Crafters List

BaG Crafters

Mineralogist: Jewelery, house bricks, stone weapons, arrows
- Twigely 11

Carpenter: Woodstuff for boats and houses and????
- Metti 8
- Graf 35

Armorsmith: Heavy armor, horseshoes, harvest & crafttools, throw weaps.
- Dragoth 35
- Attalys 23

Uruglak 23

Leatherworker: Medium armor, Craft/ Harvest gear, Saddlebags, misc. leaterstuff
- Moneta 40
- Ilmarna 11

Tailor: Light armor, cloaks, bags and?
- Seibas 22

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Artificer lvl 6
I will go carpenter !


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thx Moneta, was about to do a post like this, plz everyone update this post !! wink

Vous préoccupez pas trop de ce post, je dis n'imp comme d'habitude =/

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Re: BaG Crafters List

If I ever find out how to do crafting, Seibas will become a tailor. Nothing else fits better for a halfling.
Right now I just click the buttons, and am curious what will happen.

Meanwhile I am taking the curse of a tailor (16), and can make some light armor, bags, and harvest clothes.

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19 Armorsmith

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Twig is a 11 Mineralogist at the moment. Apart from jewelery they're the primary house builders, they create magical focus items, weapons made from stone and some form of arrows. I also have a 13 Carpenter, they're the primary boat builders and make wooden melee and ranged weapons.

Hope that helps your list! Listfreak wink

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WTB Weaponsmithy hep hep, come happy big_smile

Also please update us on what your class can make, I only know
half of it, it's nice to have it up there as well.

- teh list freaketta

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Best Crafter Post EVER!

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Hi Moni smile

Uru can make the following:

Daggers, Shortswords, Longswords, Greatswords, Martial Swords
Maces, 1H Hammers, 2H Hammers, Martial Staves, Spears
(anyone got a hint on axes? can't seem to find a trainer that would teach the recipes)
Also all kinds of thrown weapons

All Kojan style only so far. Will work on getting Qalian style and Thestran in time, but the problem is the fact that he's a smelly orc and thus is KoS in most areas. Would be glad if someone could advise where to get faction for which city with workorders (is there a guide to that or something?).

For Qalian he needs Mekalia and Hathor Zhi faction still.

Other items are (normal blacksmith items)

Arrows/bolts, Horseshoes, Runes

Currently he excels in Tin weapons, Iron will need a few levels yet.

Can upgrade Tin weapons, Iron weapons, and Pyrite weapons (when the levels are reached)

Currently I'm levelling him a little in adventuring so he can venture to Iron harvesting areas.

I got a lot of orbs of pure matter for tin horseshoes, so any lower lvl characters who need some, give me a shout smile
Also got a lot of Tin and some Iron ranged ammo upgrading items, just tell me what you need.

That's all for now, I'll post more when I got more to tell.

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I can now make rare medium armor for T3 and T4 as well.
You can see examples and what is needed if you click link in my signature.