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Topic: Housing, what you need to know!

I wanted to write a guide but it seems Tentonhammer has a fine one already.
Check it out here, CLICK me smile

My fast overlook:
1. Spawnmaps, click me! is a good place to check out where housing plots are located.
Find a spot and buy it when you can afford it, you don't have to build right away, but can reserve your spot.
Cool thing is, that once you have it, it is yours and stay on the spot wether you are online or not.

2. Choose from T3, T4 or T5 house. T3 is doable on all continents atm, T4 not in Kojan. Once you chose
your house it will state which ingrediences you need and you can add them whenever you get them made.
1 by 1 or all at once smile

3. You build your own house, but will need stuff from all 3 craft areas: artificer, smithy, outfitter. Continent
specific stuff is: Bricks by Minerologists and Outfitter stuff. Like boats, it has to match the continent.

Any more info, questions or show-offs is welcome!

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Re: Housing, what you need to know!

------> Mony's Kojan T4 House, work in progress

You can choose a plot for convinience or for lore, I chose mine for lore. So am working on my Kojan T4 house.
Atm, half of the house is not possible to build, as Kojan T4 is a bit foggered. A T3 Kojan house is possible though.
I found my perfect spot, solo house, at a lil' beach with some solid rock and a tree, saaaweeet!
When I am done, I will invite to housewarming. Just bring some champagne, leather g-string and a snack!



Show me yours! Graf hep hep!

Re: Housing, what you need to know!

snif I have no money for a house .. perhaps you can rent me a room ? tongue

Re: Housing, what you need to know!

A bunk bed in the cellar, spesjual price for joooo- 50g/ day!

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omg you so mean ! esclavagist !


Re: Housing, what you need to know!

we should soon consolidate one island for the guild housing island. because with the new feature "recall to house" everybody could use the other guildie houses too, if they are close together

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Re: Housing, what you need to know!

Sorry Graf, I aint moving, you are welcome to move to Kojan though, lots of space wink
Good idea none the less. Though aside from powders and maybe raidstuff from officers later,
I don't see the big use of other ppl using your home!? Enlighten me pls!

And now post a pic of your Qalian house already smile

Re: Housing, what you need to know!

the "recall to house" feature is available to everybody or do we need to do a quest/ obtain an item to use it ?

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As soon as you bought a plot and started building you get the call afaik smile
I started mine before patch, and I got it after, so my best guess.

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*sniff* but your home is so far away from mine mony *sob sob* tongue

well, lateron it will surely become important. there can be alot of storages set up. diplo gear, crafting gear, crafting tools. Of course, cant store that all in one house. But one day a guild bank will also be a good thing. and then it would be comfortable for the individual guildie if they could recall to the guild castle right away. but thats future music. i havent set up my final home there yet. when i build a t4 house, i might move somewhere else. but atm my t3 house is ok. i will upgrade alot lateron.

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I bought mine first! So there tongue
Already at about 40% finished with house, so not moving right now for sure.


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2) How large will storage chests be for the houses and are there more then 1 size? I see that a T3 house may have 3 chests and a T5 hosue may have 5 chests... are they the same size chests? If there are different 'tiered' chests can you place 3 T5 chests in a T3 house? What are the current size plans for the chests?

There are currently 3 tiers of chest (10, 25, 40 slots). You can place a Tier 5 chest in a Tier 3 house.

From a dev on Craft forums, do you have the recipies Graffer?

Re: Housing, what you need to know!

New maps listing Plots and Price