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Topic: Impatience...

Well, having recently accepted promotion to officer, this might seem bad, but let's face it, VG is in a terrible state.

Exilya and I (Knuckles) are cancelling our VG accounts and going back to EQ2. We're committed players and deserve a decent game to play. The bugs and lack of population and lack of patches/fixes is just unbearable now.

One day VG might improve, so we're not deleting our toons or anything crazy like that. We might be back one day. Right now EQ2 has awesome raid content and we have a guild full of very good friends to return to.

It seems to me that what B&G needs is to recruit.... But who do you recruit? I really was looking, but found nobody. It seems fewer and fewer players are available each day lol. We thought about leaving B&G to join Midwinter or another strong guild, but we can't really do that - we're part of a very large (if fragmented) family (B&G, Fizzleblood etc) that we don't want to split from.

We haven't got names for our new EQ2 toons. As soon as we have I'll post here. We'll be on the Kithicor server in Fizzleblood guild.

Thanks everyone who has grouped with us and tried to make VG an enjoyable experience. We wish you all the best of luck.

Edit: EQ2 toons are Vrath - Troubador (Knuckles) and Envye - Fury (Exilya). Currently levelling like crazy people to be ready to raid in the next couple of weeks.

Re: Impatience...

Sad to see you go but i can understand it fully. Have fun in EQ2 and I hope they get the game back on the road within the next 6 months.

Server mergers where already announced yesterday and im pretty sure Infineum is one servers that will be merged. We usually have like 100 people online at peak times or max 200. However lets see where it leads. Big changes like raid content wont be in for at least 6 months im pretty sure. At that time we might see a bigger influx of people again in VG 8). Ill stick arround and relax as long as there is fun in VG for me (trying out some other classes and stuff).

Re: Impatience...

i already feel like in horizons on infineum tongue

but im setting high hopes in soes release of the game