Topic: Patch Day - No Play !

New hot zones coming with that 8 hours patch (expect servers up again at 8pm) :

Level 20 The Castle of Mistmoore
Level 25 The Permafrost Caverns
Level 30 Trakanon's Teeth
Level 35 The Warsliks Woods
Level 40 The Dawnshroud Peaks
Level 45 Velketor's Labyrinth
Level 50 The Deep
Level 55 The Temple of Droga
Level 60 Nobles' Causeway
Level 65 The Halls of Honor

So it means, for those who might want to join us and level again from beginning, this is the zones where the xp is double and where you will find groups easily.

I would love a Mistmoore group with my sk, anyone arround lvl 20 ? tongue

Re: Patch Day - No Play !

fuck, i was going to head to iceclad with my war.... Now it's Trak or Warsilkwoods pfff

my alts are BST 17 and WAR 28 smile
(and naked bard 26 tongue)

Re: Patch Day - No Play !

Have they added any new classes/races since we left?

Re: Patch Day - No Play !

New race is some kind of dragonithing

New class is drunkenmaster: you drink 2 bottles of wine and you get a whole new game big_smile

May Saint Cavalera be with you!